Why Custom Photography?

That's a great question.  Why would anyone pay more for custom photography?  Put simply, it's all about you.  With custom photography, you can express yourself and not sit in a typical, mainstream studio.  It gives you the opportunity to customize outfits and locations as well as take time to show everyone's unique personalities, making your family picture just that- YOURS! 


What Is AWP's Style?

I'm a pretty simple person and appreciate natural beauty.  I take this same approach to photography.  While shooting, I like to keep things focused on the people instead of using lots of props.  Of course, a pretty location is a plus, but it's my goal to focus on you and your family, even in candid shots.  When it's time for me to edit, I like to keep colors and tones clean and true to life.  Yes, I can brush away a blemish but magically getting rid of 20 pounds?  Not my style.  


But I Just Don't Photography Well?

You would be surprised how many times I hear this during a session.  Truth be told, the ones that say this are the ones that end up adoring the shots I encouraged.  I've spent many hours and taken several workshops on how to create flattering angles and use light to our advantage.  If you're not comfortable in a pose I've placed you, let me know and we can change it up!  By taking those few seconds to get comfortable, you'll LOOK comfortable in your shots.  It'll definitely make a difference.


What Is a "Lifestyle" Session?

A lifestyle session has a slightly different definition to each photographer.  My definition of a lifestyle session is being able to tell a story from a group of images and focusing on the connection between family members.  This type of session still has a few shots where everyone is smiling for the camera but focuses more on the candid, unplanned moments and interactions.  My newborn sessions are lifestyle inspired as I feel it captures the emotional connections between baby and family members.  Lifestyle inspired sessions can take place in your home, at a local ice cream shop... all so unique.  


What Do You Shoot With?

It's not top secret- you can ask :)  I am a Nikon girl and my camera of choice is a d700.  I have several lenses, but my go-to lenses include my 35mm and 85mm.  On occasion, I also will pull out my 24-70.  Every once in a while, I hear, "Man, your camera takes great pictures!"  I guess it does, but I'd like to think I have a thing or two to do with your final images.  Professional equipment helps but there's definitely a knowledgeable photographer, selecting each and every setting.


Can I Edit the Images the Way I Want?

I have taken careful consideration of each image and the best way that it is edited.  Factors that can dramatically alter an image include color, brightness and cropping.  Please refrain from altering an image in any way.  Even if it's cropping out my watermark on Facebook, I ask that you respect the time it took to get the final image as you see it and leave the watermark.  If you have questions about an image, please ask.


How Do I Book a Session?

Emails are the best way to get a hold of me as I do not answer my phone during a session.  Emails are generally answered within 24 hours.  Please email me at [email protected] or call me at (417) 414-0168.  From there we can set up a time and talk about outfits, locations and ideas.  Also, check out my latest work by liking my fan page on Facebook: Areke Worku Photography.