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June 09, 2014  •  4 Comments

One a rainy, overcast day, I love throwing on my pajama pants as soon as I walk in the door and cuddling with a puppy or two.  I'm currently 160 days into My 365 Project and I'll admit, some days are harder than others.  Whether it's the prompt, motivation or simply finding time to take an image, it can be hard keeping up with this journey.  Today's prompt of "grass" threw me off.  Was I going to simply take a picture of my feet in the backyard??  Maybe I could incorporate the sun somehow??  I grabbed my phone, a cheap macro attachment, rolled up my pajama pants so they wouldn't get wet and took a few steps into our backyard.  The rest is history.


Who knew "grass" would be my favorite day yet??


Such a great creative challenge and you'd never know these were taken with a cell phone!!
I love this color green!! Lovely macro shots.
beautiful photos! Nature photos are so gorgeous!
Emily Supiot(non-registered)
Very cool! These are fun shots:)
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