Bobbi Jane and John | Oswego Wedding Photographer

August 03, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

I met Bobbi Jane several months ago and from the start, I could tell she was a natural in front of the camera.  I went out to her parents' home for their engagement session where I met her soon to be husband, John.  To say he wasn't a fan of pictures is an understatement.  With my background as a teacher along with taking many pictures of families, I have a habit of saying, "OH!  That's precious" and "You look so good!"  John could see right past my motivating ways and called me out on it.  Ha!  I knew the wedding day would be no different and brought along candy, just in case.  From the very beginning, Bobbi Jane was very relaxed and stayed that way for the entire day.  Even after her new hubby dropped her while trying to dip her, Bobbi Jane laughed it off and looked beautiful while doing it.  It was the perfect day for these two and and Bobbi Jane made SUCH a gorgeous bride.

Special thank you to my second shooter for the day, Mr. Danny Wilson of Wilson Photography.  Danny is an amazing photographer and this set wouldn't be the same without his unique perspective.  This blog post feature images from both of us, edited by me.  Be sure to check out his work at HERE.



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