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July 29, 2013  •  11 Comments

The story :)  Danielle and I met at work many months ago and we were able to keep each sane, even on the craziest of days.  Throughout the months that Danielle was pregnant, I would try and guess baby's name.  I only knew his name started with an "R" so I would constantly ask questions and make up names like Rufus, Ronald, Roger, etc.  In the entire nine months that her baby bump was growing, I never guessed his name.  While at the hospital, the nurse mentioned Roman and I remember making eye contact with Cody- it was hilarious... she gave it away!  P.S. I feel it needs to be noted: Danielle was adamant about delivering with no meds and she absolutely did it.  ROCKSTAR status.  She's earned those bragging right.  For sure.




So beautiful! What a treasure they will have to have captured such a special moment!
These are beautiful. So awesome that you captured these moments for them.
just beautiful !! Congrats to the family on the safe arrival of their baby, just brilliant photography
YES! I LOOOOVE this!! Amazing job capturing this miraculous event. I know this family is so grateful for freezing time on this special event in their lives.
Aw so precious. I have always wanted to do birth photography!
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