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December 26, 2013  •  7 Comments

Now that the weather has cooled off too much for client sessions, I am taking a little time to work on some personal projects.  Shooting in full sun is a challenge for many photographers as the shadows casted by the sun can be very harsh and unflattering.  With a little bit of practice and a willing model, I am so happy with how these shots turned out.  These were all taken at about 1:30 pm (GASP) with no sign of shade in sight.  I absolutely love the bold colors and blue skies that shooting during safer times might not photograph to the same extent.  I'm excited to have a little more time to experiment in the months to come.  

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Judy Whitmore(non-registered)
You did a great with the full sun! I dread those situations and you make it look easy!
Melissa Klein(non-registered)
Well done! Full sun still scares me - haha! These turned out fantastic!
I love these - you absolutely nailed these in full sun. My goal for next year is to learn about all things lighting. What a great way to experiment with different kinds of lighting. I will have to try this!
Great job! I've got this on my list of things to tackle too. You did a great job!
Melissa Hurst(non-registered)
super job in full sun!!!! Beautiful lady!
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