The O'Banion Family | Springfield Family Photographer

November 16, 2013  •  6 Comments

You may remember this sweet family from a session we had this past summer.  Not too much has changed.  Little Stella still loves her parents with all her might and her parents were so sweet with her, even when Stella was less than thrilled with the thought of pictures.  Anyone that really knows me and my photographic style knows that I absolutely love "real" moments.  You know... when mom and child are sharing a sweet embrace.  Or when dad is tickling baby and they have the most genuine smiles on their face.  A shot where everyone is looking and smiling is great but there's something that draws me to those real moments.  Looking back through this session, I smile so big because I think back to Tyler trying to reason with little Stella or Hilary apologizing for Stella not smiling.  No apologies EVER needed.  Smiles from you guys is more than I could ever ask for.

Let the smiling begin.


Tiphanie Lynn(non-registered)
Beautiful contrast of color and what great images this family will have to cherish !
Wonderful Colors. You captured some very touching moments.
Anjuli Francois(non-registered)
Adorable family! I love the one of them swinging her. Her face is priceless.
Great shots. Love the bold colors. The little girl is so cute- a perfect mix of mom & dad.
What a beautiful family! I love the variety and all the colors you captured!
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