Tell Me About YOU!

I love learning about my clients, from the youngest to the oldest.  Who all will be at your session?  How old are the little ones?  Are there any favorite TV shows that your kiddos enjoy?  Maybe even a sport's team that the teenagers are into?  These kinds of things help me learn the dynamics of your family and what I can mention (Mickey Mouse, characters from "Frozen", etc.) during your session to keep the flow fun and relaxed.  I try to get many combinations with family members (mom with child, dad with child, parents only, etc.) but if there are specific combinations that you would like, feel free to mention it beforehand or during our day together.



Where At?

Before your session, we will take some time to discuss what "must have" poses and ideas to incorporate.  It's also important to discuss where we will be shooting.  I am primarily a natural light photographer.  Put simply, I prefer to use natural light as opposed to artificial lighting (flashes).  Depending on the feel you are going for, we can choose a park for a natural setting.  Maybe downtown for an urban feel.  Or even a location that has special meaning to you and your significant others.  These are all great options for seniors, couples, families and children.


Yet another option that most don't think of for a family session is their own home.  Yes, a session in your home.  I love being able to tell the story of your family by following you around, doing your normal activities.  Eating breakfast, giving puppy a bath, reading a book... it really can be accomplished!  It's probably my favorite type of session and clients tend to love the experience of a lifestyle session.  Ask me for details as this types of session may be a great alternative than the typical "turn slightly to the right, chin down" type shots.


Newborns tend to do best in warm, quiet locations.  Since my newborn sessions are lifestyle in nature, we will use various parts of your home that have a good source of natural light.  Examples of these spots include the master bedroom, nursery and maybe even the kitchen.  I will follow you and baby around and capture moments that are pure and unplanned.  I may provide suggestions and guidance, but it will unposed and laid back in nature.


What to Wear?

It's important to coordinate outfits with everyone who will be in pictures.  By picking colors that work well together, we can create a cohesive look.  I completely understand how overwhelming it can feel to pick pair tops/bottoms and decide what works best for your location.  Usually, working around three colors (two bold and one neutral) works well.  Ideas for color combinations include peach, brown and cream.  Blue, orange and grey.  The possibilities are endless!  Patterns tend to make a picture look busy, so please use these sparingly.  Outfits should not match 100% (please avoid everyone wearing the exact same color blue shirt with blue jeans), but should compliment each other.  Also, accessories are always great!  Necklaces, bracelets, fashionable hats... bring as many as you want and we'll see what works best.  If ever you aren't sure, I love helping with outfit choices!  Feel free to email me a snapshot at [email protected].