How Long?

After your session, you should expect to see 1-3 images on Facebook within a day.  I am JUST as excited as you are to get the images uploaded.  These previews or sneak peeks are watermarked with my logo.  Most albums are completed within one week of our session but can take as long as two weeks.  The images will be uploaded to my website and you will be given a password to view your gallery.  From there, you can give the password out to whomever you would like and full size downloads of all edited images (without watermarks) will available.  Please keep in mind- these are the best images from our session.  You can be assured that the images you see are the ones that meet my quality standards and I am not keeping any that also meet my standards from you.  


Where is that "one" shot?

Believe me, I'm not holding back any good images from you!  Sometimes, the vision that we were going for doesn't always translate well into a photo.  Other times, for whatever reason, the few shots that were taken with a unique prop or outfit just don't turn out well.  It seems like I got hundreds of shots (which I probably did) but I take several versions of the same shot.  The ones where a person's eyes are closed or you're in the middle of a sneeze are immediately discarded.  Please keep this in mind as you view your edited album.


Where to Print?

I have experimented with various labs to ensure which will deliver your images in their best "light" (did you get the pun)?  After our session, I will send you a link with my top recommendation for printing labs.  Along those lines, if you have questions on cropping or need recommendations for canvases/holiday cards, I would be more than happy to help.  Taking images and editing is only a part of the experience- getting quality, tangible products is just as important and I will be with you for the entire process.