A few sweet words from those I've had the pleasure of working with.  Needless to say, I have the best clients around.

"A few months ago I received a surprise message from Areke. A dear friend of mine had put my name in for a drawing that Areke was doing for a free photo shoot for a deserving family. I was reluctant at first because I had seen how amazing her work is and definitely did NOT feel deserving of such a gift. With much coaxing from my friend, I finally decided to accept and am so glad that I did. We had such a fantastic time! With two rambunctious little ones...keeping them still was no easy feat! Areke was not only patient, but actually embraced their energy. She created an atmosphere where they could just be themselves. When I look at these pictures I don't just see a photo of my kids... It's their personalities that she has captured. So many of the pieces of them that make them so special. I can't thank you enough."

-Tona S. (2014) 




"Areke is a wonderfully talented photographer! She is great to work with. She makes you feel relaxed and helps the experience to be fun and light. My husband originally wanted nothing to do with it (he hates getting his picture taken), but with a little coaxing he joined in for the session. He had a great time and we got some great pictures thanks to Areke and her easy going attitude! Thank you Areke! Our pictures are beautiful and will be treasured forever!"

-Kelsie N. (2014) 





"We loved working with Areke! She was so easy going, made great suggestions, and was really patient with getting the perfect photos of our playful pups! We had a great time working with Areke, and our family photos turned out great! Thanks for everything!"

-Will, Cara, Shadow, and Daisy (2014)






"Oh. My. Word!! Areke. I am in tears! They are absolutely amazing!! I cannot tell you how much we love them and how much it meant to have you take them!!! You are wonderful at what you do!! Thank you SO SO much!!!"

- Cara S. (2014)






"We really enjoyed our photo session experience with Areke. She adapated to our toddler's active nature and made us feel comfortable, which resulted in photos that really captured the essence of our family. Her positivity, easygoing personality, and photography skills resulted in a fantastic product that will help us remember this special time in our lives! Thank you Areke!"

-Megan D. (2014)





"We searched high and low for a photographer with amazing quality at an affordable price; I can't tell you how excited I was when I found Areke Worku! We are so happy with her images. She captured the spirit of our family, and the heart of our precious little girl. Shooting stars for the outstanding workmanship, Areke!"

-Cara H. (2014)






"Areke, we absolutely LOVE working with you! You are so great with our kids and we are always super happy with our pictures. We recommend you to everyone. Thank you so much for not only taking great pictures, but for making our sessions so fun!"

-Lindsey D. (2013)






"Areke is such a pleasure to work with. From the beginning, she listened to our ideas about locations and what we wanted to get out of the shoot and also offered good direction, helping us plan outfits. She was very patient with our 3 young kids and truly captured their personalities. We are very happy with our photos!"

-Molly P. (2013)






"I am so lucky to have found Areke Worku Photography! I have been nothing short of impressed with both sessions so far. She is so down to earth and wonderful to work with. I'm so looking forward to the coming year and to capturing many wonderful memories of my son! I would recommend her to anyone looking for a quality photographer!"

-Crystal M. (2013)





"We absolutely love Areke Worku Photography! Not only does she take the most gorgeous pictures, but she also manages to capture my children's very unique personalities!"

-Erica C. (2013)






"Just want to thank you for an awesome photo session Saturday! You were patient with our silliness and gave great directions. I've been super impressed with the two that you've posted so far and I can't wait to see more!"

-Chris F. (2013)






"I was very nervous to get our family photos done with 3 young children and a husband who wasn't thrilled about the idea of pictures. But Areke is/was amazing. Right from the start she gave us ideas on what types of colors and patterns would work best for the casual photos we were wanting.

When it came to the photos she was SO EASY to work with and was up for ANYTHING. She came up with some great ideas for the little ones and was able to get them to cooperate and you would NEVER know that from the pictures! I love that our pictures are so unique and completely "us" and would recommend Areke to anyone who asked, she is AMAZING!"

-Erin C. (2013)



"When I told my son it was senior picture time he was not that crazy about it. Areke worked her magic on him in mere minutes. His pictures look awesome and I am so glad we went to Areke Worku Photography!"

-Tina G. (2013)






"The session that I had with Areke Worku was very memorable. She made my family and I feel at ease and have fun while taking pictures. Her keen eye for imagery, along with directional instruction made the session comfortable, fun and motivating. The quality of her pictures were very professional, diverse and captured everyone's personality. She helped not to only make memories but to cherish them as well."

-Marina H. (2013)




"I have been so impressed with the growth that I have seen in Areke's photography in such a short time. My son was her first child that she photographed when she started last year. She had so much patience and was excited to capture him in his natural element. I have followed Areke's page on Facebook and have recommended her to friends. I am always amazed by her beautiful work. I live with two men who are difficult to capture in pictures due to lack of enthusiasm of the art! Areke found a way to be patient and to portray my family better than anyone has before. I will only use Areke for my family portraits!"

-Bridgette T. (2013)


"The photo session with Areke was awesome!! She was very professional but at the same time laid back. She made our family very comfortable which made the pictures turn out even greater! We all enjoyed this experience with her and look forward to doing another one in the future."

-Kalila B. (2013)





"Areke is a dear friend and I love her no matter what, but our photo session made me love her even more! She researched the area and made sure we had the feel that we wanted. She looked for great architecture, lighting, etc. and it really mattered. All of our photos are amazing. She really captured our personalities. What you get for the price truly is an investment that is more than worth it. I'm booking annual sessions with her!"

-Chelsea W. (2013)




"Our session with Areke was great! She was super patient with our 2 year old and was up for anything! Areke has really good prices, especially considering the quality she provides. Her awesome customer service is rare in this day and age and we greatly appreciate it. We will definitely use Areke again and look forward to another great experience!"

-Hilary O. (2013)





"Areke Worku Photography was a fabulous experience and our pictures all turned out so gorgeous I will suggest her to everyone I meet or know. Thank you so much!"

-Lorie H. (2013)





"Some of my most prized photographs of my children come from working with Areke Worku Photography! She is patient and excellent with my little kids who don't always want to cooperate and produces excellent results. Not only does she capture beautiful pictures of them but she also captures their spirit, attitude and personalities perfectly. I am very impressed with Areke's work and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for unique and fantastic photos of their loved ones."

-Carrie N. (2013)









"Areke came highly recommended by a familly friend to take our son's senior photos. I had only talked to her on the phone one time prior to the session, but you would have thought she had known us forever on photo day. She made our son feel very comfortable (he hates photos!) during the shoot and became our friend in a matter of minutes. The photos are some of the best I have seen anywhere. Thank you Areke for being such a personable professional!!"

-Julie D. (2012)





"Areke Worku is a very talented photographer. She has captured some of the most important moments of our lives. She has taken our maternity, family, first look (hospital), newborn, and first year of our son. She goes above and beyond what most photographers would do. She makes sure she gets the perfect picture and the client feels good about the end result. We currently have many of the photos hanging in our home. We highly recommend Areke Worku to anyone that is looking for a photographer to capture important moments."

-Shannon N. (2012)




"We were very lucky to find Areke to take our photos. She is so laid back and open minded. If you have an idea for a picture, she is always down to trying it. Having a stubborn toddler isn't always fun to take photos with, but Areke was so patient and came with a pocket full of treats! I look forward to our next session."

-Amber E. (2012)






"We hadn't had a family portrait taken in quite some time, and I was a little stressed about having to get 10-year-old and a 1-year-old to cooperate. My little one gave Areke quite a lesson in dealing with a head-strong toddler! But, Areke was patient and kind and got some great pictures! Often it was her candid shots that turned out to be my favorites! We already have our session booked for next year!!"

-Sherri T. (2012)








"During our very first session with Areke, we didn't yet know what an amazing photographer she was. Even though, we had a one year old running around and refusing to smile, Areke captured several stunning shots that are currently hanging up in my house. Every session since, we continue to be impressed by her work. As we all know, pictures can sometimes be a little stressful, but with Areke her laid back and friendly demeanor make them fun! We are always quick to recommend her to friends!"

-Abigail V. (2012)




"My fiance' and I had Areke take pictures of us when we were dating and were so happy with them that it was a no-brainer when we were choosing someone to take our engagement pictures. Areke is so laid back and easy to work with. She is open to ideas, but has so many creative visions herself. We had so much fun during our shoots!!"

-Rachel N. (2012)





"As someone who has worked with numerous photographers, I can honestly say that Areke is the BEST! She is artistic, creative, fun, and professional. She did such a great job, my husband (who, like many men, doesn't share quite the enthusiam about pictures as I do), RAVES about how GREAT she is! Our little girl, has had pictures taken by her since she was born, and Areke has been not only patient, but GENIUS in getting her to cooperate for incredibly CUTE and UNIQUE poses! Her ability to capture our family's personality in a photo, and our hearts in a session is unlike any photographer I've ever known!"

-Megan P. (2012)



"We really enjoyed working with Areke, she is professional, creative and very talented. We loved that she was able to capture the love between our family and give us a keepsake we will treasure years to come. I would highly recommend her to anyone." 

- Laurel H. (2012)